Kiln-Dried/Heat-Treated Pine Pallets

Kiln-dried and heat-treated pine pallets offer a lightweight, mold-resistant option, adhering to international shipping standards. These pallets are designed for industries requiring stringent hygiene and compliance with ISPM-15 regulations.
Kiln-Dried/Heat-Treated Pine Pallets


Reduces shipping costs due to lower weight.

Mold Resistance

Kiln drying and heat treatment eliminate moisture and pests.

International Compliance

Meets ISPM-15 standards for global shipping.


  • Pharmaceutical: Ensures hygiene and compliance for sensitive products.
  • Food and Beverage: Ideal for maintaining product safety during transit.
  • Export: Suitable for international shipments requiring compliance with global standards.


  • Material: High-quality pine wood.
  • Treatment: Kiln drying and heat treatment to ISPM-15 standards.
  • Sizes: Customizable to your specific needs.

ISPM-15 Pallets

Searching for reliable pallets for international shipping? Our Kiln Dried / Heat Treated Pine Pallets are lightweight, mold-resistant, and comply with ISPM-15 standards. Perfect for pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and export industries, these pallets ensure product safety and hygiene. Customize our Kiln Dried / Heat Treated Pine Pallets to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discover how our pallets can streamline your global shipping operations.

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