Custom Wood Pallets

To determine the best design for a pallet, we consider factors like load capacity, performance, and material quantity. This ensures that the pallet can safely carry the required weight without over-designing or errors.

Using the Pallet Design System analysis, we‘re able to provide durable pallets with the most value for our clients' needs.

Custom Wood Pallets
Food Grade PQ-80 Pallets

Food Grade PQ-80 Pallets

Pallets treated with PQ-80 Fungicide exhibit minimal mold growth even after prolonged exposure to warm and moist conditions, making them suitable for environments where mold resistance is crucial. PQ-80 is FDA-approved for wood packaging that comes into direct contact with food.

Our dip tanks allow us to efficiently achieve PQ-80 coverage of all surface areas, making this a cost effective solution for many applications.

Kiln Dried / Heat Treated Pine Pallets

Our kiln drying and heat treating processes produce pallets that are lighter and less prone to mold and bacteria. This reduces shipping costs and the risk of product contamination. Our heat treated pallets are compliant with iSPM-15 International Standards.

Kiln-Dried, Heat-treated pallets
Dunnage Bracing packaging

Dunnage, Bracing & Packaging

We can provide the blocks and bracing that help prevent your cargo from shifting while in transit. Our custom wood packaging solutions are designed to provide stability, support, and protection, ensuring your goods reach their destination intact.

Custom pallet design

As a leading custom pallet manufacturer, our process ensures that you receive high-quality pallets tailored to your needs, delivered on time, and ready to support your business operations.


Design and Planning

We consult with you to create and approve a custom pallet design built to your specific requirements.



We select materials and use precise cutting and assembly techniques, treating the pallets if necessary to meet your standards.


Just In Time delivery

The completed pallets are packaged and scheduled for delivery to your location, ensuring they arrive when you need them and ready for use.

Log Lumber Diagram

Pallet Pricing

The wood used for pallets typically comes from the center of a log, while high-value products like flooring and lumber use exterior sections.

However, the overall demand for wood across various markets can impact the price of pallet wood. When there’s a high demand for wooden flooring, the supply may become strained, leading flooring manufacturers to utilize wood traditionally used for pallets.

Shifts like these can drive up the cost of the wood we rely on. We focus on utilizing the less expensive part of the tree, but the lumber market can create factors beyond our control.


Interior portions are older and therefore have more knots. These are what we use to manufacture our pallets.


Exterior portions have the fewest knots and are typically used for flooring, lumber, and other high-cost products.