Our Daily Wood

Every day, each of Earth’s 5.4 billion inhabitants, on the average, use the equivalent of a 4-pound slab of wood. But the average American uses 3.5 times this much wood.

Should American’s be using less wood? Steel, aluminum, plastic, and concrete are often mentioned as substitutes for wood, but these resources are not renewable. Wood is the only natural resource on Earth that is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. The only energy required to grow a tree is the sun. As trees grow, they remove carbon dioxide from the air and give off oxygen.

By weight, total U.S. wood consumption exceeds combined consumption of steel and concrete. Wood manufacturing processes consume only 4% of the energy used by all primary industrial raw material manufacturers. Steel and concrete manufacturers consume 56% of the energy used by all primary industrial raw material manufacturers. If the energy required to manufacture a 4-pound slab of wood had been used to make aluminum, the resulting piece would weigh one ounce.

Global demand for wood will increase 50% by the year 2020, but governments around the world are establishing more new forest preserves where harvesting is prohibited. Left unanswered is this critical question; where will we get our daily wood?

We should be using more wood, not less, because no other natural resource on Earth can match its environmental advantages. But first, we must make a major commitment to using and growing our daily wood, just as we do our daily bread.

Old World Ethic

Mt. Eaton Pallet, Ltd. is located in the majestic rolling hills of Holmes County, where the pride of quality workmanship of a time gone by exists today. We began producing quality hardwood pallets in 1991 – producing each one by hand, one customer at a time. In just 28 years, Mt. Eaton Pallet has grown to not only service small and moderate size businesses, but has also added Fortune 500 companies to its customer base. As President Dwain Schlabach states, “Our Goal is to stay on the cutting edge of new advancements in the pallet industry and pass those improvements on to our customers.” At Mt. Eaton Pallet “We value our customers and strive to be more than just a supplier.”

Cutting Edge Technology

Mt. Eaton Pallet, Ltd. has supported this philosophy by their commitment to producing new, quality hardwood pallets customized to meet the customer’s needs Mt. Eaton Pallet, Ltd. was the 1st ISO 9001-2000 Certified Pallet Manufacturer in Ohio and the 1st Certified “No Bug” Hardwood Heat Treated Pallet manufacturer in Ohio and meets all the the ISPM-15 International Standards. In addition, Mt. Eaton Pallet, a Certified PQ-80 Applicator in Ohio, can provide customers with Pallet Design System (PDS) reports detailing their customized pallet specifications. They also provide back-up stock, next day shipment, and new pallets that are more sanitary, promote safety, and help reduce warehouse/shipping labor costs.


For years, Mt. Eaton Pallet had successfully marketed pallets exclusively through a network of pallet brokers. However, in 2000, Mt. Eaton Pallet developed strong, long-term, direct business-to-business relationships with a select number of quality businesses. Now, when you buy pallets, you’ll buy them directly.

The goal of Mt. Eaton Pallet is to provide a quality platform to carry quality product to its destination successfully. When you work with Mt. Eaton Pallet, you will receive quality workmanship, priority service, and on-time deliveries every time!